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An easily accessible and adjustable system to support the barrels and shaft at the end of the extruder.

Easily set shaft, screws, and barrel to central alignment position

Eliminate metal-on-metal wear between screws and liners 

Increase efficiency of motor and pumping of extruder


“With the Ever Extruder Shaft Support, we are able to re-center our extruder shaft every two weeks to maintain the stability and performance of our extruder without any extra downtime.”


Give Your Extruder the Support it Needs


Which extruders are compatible with the stabilization system?

The stabilization system is for single screw extruders only. It is compatible with Wenger X165, X175, X185 and X235 and ExtruTech E750, E750XL, and E925.

How will this affect my current machine?

The shaft support will add 60 mm – 80 mm to the extruder at the end of the barrels.

How do I align the shaft support?

The system is adjusted with an alignment tool to ensure the extruder shaft and screws are always in the center of the barrels.