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Ever Extruder boasts a 27-acre campus and 130,000 sq ft of manufacturing space (12,000 sq m) in Festus, Missouri. We were founded in 1964 through our parent company, Good Earth Tools, specializing in the design and application of Tungsten Carbide as a wear-proofing technology in the most abrasive and demanding industries. We have over 55 years of experience in designing and applying Tungsten Carbide in mining, power generation, railroad construction, material handling, and extrusion applications. Our engineering, technical support, and manufacturing teams are more than 210 people and are based on our campus in the United States of America.


Ever Extruder was incorporated to serve as a leading expert in wear proofing and optimization of single screw extruders. With over 25 years in research, development, and implementation, Ever Extruder offers upgrades for a variety of existing extrusion systems, high-quality wear components, and our own complete extrusion systems.


Our team consists of industry leading engineers and technicians who support our customers in the installation and implementation of Ever Extruder technology. We rely on the expertise and skill of our field engineers and technicians to gather essential data, design customer-specific solutions, implement new technologies, and support the food and feed manufacturers. Our installation team has experience in the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

International Sales Team

North America - Alan Kirkland
South America - Ian Williams
Europe - Eric Clowdus & Nigel Lindley
Asia - Amir Hanif 

International Distributors

Thailand - Forthtech
South America - SW Food Latam