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A valve to control pressure, SME (Specific Mechanical Energy), and density. 

Make small adjustments in SME with adjustable valve 

Increase safety of operator with pressure discharge before die 

Improve downstream sanitation with bypass of startup waste 


“The SSDS and Valve System Ever Extruder provided our plant has greatly improved the flexibility of the extrusion process! From the standpoint of control, the 'on the fly' adjustment allows us to fine-tune the products we make with the extruder running, and helps us deal with inconsistencies in raw ingredients. It has also resulted in less downtime that used to occur when we had to add or removed plugs from the die to hit densities. In regards to the safety details, the operators love being able to relieve steam and pressure from behind the die before they remove it.”


Which extruders are compatible with the sanitary start-up discharge system?

The SSDS system is designed for single screw extruders and some twin screw extruders. It is compatible with Wenger X165, X175, X185, and X235, and ExtruTech E750, E750XL, and E925.

How will this affect my current machine?

The SSDS will add 140 mm – 160 mm to the end of the last barrel.

Can I use an SSDS without extruder automation?

Yes. The SSDS is able to configure to any extrusion control system, or Ever Extruder can supply a stand-alone control system.